Thursday, 6 March 2008


Here are some of my favourite math moments on YouTube. Enjoy!

The Numberwang code "There are numbers everywhere Charles". Mitchell and Webb's take on The Da Vinci Code. Can't help thinking they might have watched The Music of the Primes DVD.

That's Numberwang The maths game show everyone's talking about...after Mindgames that is.

The Numberwang board game I've just got to get it...especially for those 400 sided dice.

Simple Group of Order 2 Perhaps the theme tune for the new book. You have to be a math geek to get the jokes in this one...but if not, just enjoy the jumpers.

Dedicated Teacher I think this guy watched the Christmas Lectures.

Look Around You...Maths This is one of my favourites.

Life after Poincare Find out what Perelman has been up to...

And a couple of YouTube videos featuring the author.

Infinity of Primes Euclid's proof of the infinity of primes with some help from my football team Recreativo Hackney.

Big Ball Opening sequence to Lecture 2 of the Christmas Lectures. Who said mathematics wasn't fun.

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