Sunday, 16 March 2008

pg 69 test

There is an interesting blog which asks authors to comment on whether page 69 is representative of their book. Here is link to the page 69 test of Finding Moonshine. An interesting result. The page describes part of my visit to the Alhambra and discusses the image at the top this post.

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Melissa McBride said...

Though it is June, I am enjoying the month of October and my litereary tour through the Alhambra. I have also been revising some basic GCSE material on shapes and symmetry to refresh my knowledge, and help me, hopefully, to better visualise the walls, ceilings and floors I am being guided through. The school textbook regular polygons are much easier to see rotating around a 90 degree angle than some of the symmetrical patterns creatd by the Moors so many hundreds of years ago! This includes the pattern on the wall of the entrance to the palace, pictured on p.69. And I am having particular difficulty with the 'miracle', glide symmetry! But I am enjoying the journey, and shall continue along.