Thursday, 8 January 2009

Story of Maths on BBC World

Our journey round the world to uncover the story of Maths is appropriately going to be shown on BBC World throughout January. The programmes originally broadcast on BBC4 in October and were available on BBC iPlayer but those outside the UK were unable to catch the series. Now is your chance.

SHOWING TIMES for Programme One: The Language of the Universe.
Showing Saturday 10th January at 0810 GMT.
Repeated: Saturday at 1810 GMT and Sunday 11th at 0210 and 1410 GMT.

If that isn't possible then the series is also available on DVD from the Open University although I'm afraid it is a little pricey which is a shame.

Exciting news: the BBC has chosen The Story of Maths as one of its entries for the Royal Television Awards in Science and History.

BBC World website