Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Story of Maths

My new series THE STORY OF MATHS starts on Monday 6th October on BBC4 at 9pm. There are 4 episodes which chart the history of mathematics from Ancient Egypt to modern day.

To find out more visit THE STORY OF MATHS


Zack said...

I obsoletely LOVE the show!!!
It is so good that I almost start to dig out my old school math books and read them all over again!
As a designer myself, I was really surprised to see your website in such an funky style. You really made math fun and sexy!
Expect for your new work!

Catherine Robinson said...

I am a Subject Leader for Mathematics at a high school and would like to purchase a copy of your four part series on The Story of Mathematics for use at the school. Is this possible? Would appreciate your help.

Marcus du Sautoy said...

A lot of people have emailed me about the prospect of a DVD of the programmes. It is certainly the intention of the BBC and the Open University to release a DVD and as soon as I know details I'll post them here. The Open University are running a course to support the programme which digs deeper into the mathematics behind the programme. As part of the course you get DVDs of the programme plus lots more material.

Story of Maths Course