Thursday, 28 February 2008


Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry

The following is a partial list of talks that I have given or am about to give based on the book.

6 September 2007 Mantova Festivaletteratura Festivaletteratura

25 September 2007 Venice, CP Snow Anniversary Meeting.

14 December 2007 Leuven University, Kotriijk, Christmas Lecture

19 February 2008, Royal Institution, Imperial College Royal Institution The lecture can be viewed online at the Imperial College website

21 February 2008, Royal Society, Fourth Estate Lecture Series Royal Society This event was filmed and is archived at Video Archive

23 February 2008 Bath Literary Festival.

26 February 2008 University of Cambridge.

28 February 2008 Newham Bookshop event at Wanstead Library 7pm. Newham Bookshop

2 March 2008 Brighton Science Festival 1.30 Brighton Science Festival

12 March 2008 Oxford Science Week Roadshow, Didcot Girls School 6pm Oxford Science Roadshow

15 March 2008 Wadham Mathematics Alumni Meeting, Oxford

3 April 2008 Oxford Literary Festival, 8pm Oxford Literary Festival

5 April 2008 Oxford American Reunion, New York.

31 May 2008 Hay Literary Festival.

5 June 2008 Cheltenham Science Festival.

18 June 2008 Oxford Science Centre. You can see a video of this talk Pulse Project

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